LifeProof iPhone Case ($80) Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S

So you just dropped a month's worth of rent money on that new iPhone? You better make the last  little investment and pick up a quality case. This one from LifeProof is pretty much just that— life proof—thing can take a serious beating. It's operational at six and a half feet underwater, so you're covered whether you drop it in a pitcher of suds or snap an underwater photo of that massive fish you just reeled in. And it's bombproof as well, it'll take a drop from six and a half feet above hard ground like it was a landing in pow. There's a small plug that screws in over the headphone jack, which is kind of a crucial piece in its seal, so you'll need to make sure you don't lose that. With add-ons like GoPro mounts and the handlebar mount for your bike, you can take your tunes and GPS along for the ride. Plus, the back of the case is a subwoofer, so if you're playing tunes out loud, you get that extra kick to spread the jam a little further.