Launch – ’03 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

The ’03 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide hits you with over a thousand snow-related products: Some of them new swerves on established themes, others evolutionary coups. But even the illest setup-perfect flex, graphics of choice, and trick hardware-is just wood, P-tex, and potential until you take it to snow.

Before getting all heated up by the scores of candy-coated topsheets in this issue, scan the Board Test on page 116. Start huntin’ from there, then bury yourself in the Setups and on the What The Pros Are Rockin’ pages. Glean what you can from the fools who make riding their business, but don’t stop at that.

The Buyer’s Guide is only a reference; there are no rules to snowboarding style-that’s the ingredient you have to add.

Kurt Hoy,