This story originally appeared in the September 2014 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding. Subscribe here

Words: Scott Yorko

Photos: Mike Basher

Let's not forget how perpetually lucky we are to have snowboard boots that are 1,000-times more comfortable than hard ski boots. But sometimes, we pick serious lines and need maximum control. It can be hard to cinch your bootlaces super tight without feeling like your feet are bound in a vice and you're dancing with a clumsy elephant.

The BOA closure system has been a big player in getting boots tighter with easy adjustments, but there's still the issue of having the right amount of pressure where you need it.


K2 has rerouted the cables on its Conda System lacing to lash down pressure from the sides, rather than having the BOA cables cut directly across the foot through the liner. They've also upgraded from a flimsy patch of canvas to an ergonomic TPU stabilizer piece, called the Conda "chip" that pulls the top of the ankle back and down into the heel.


K2 product design engineer Devin Paschke was testing a prototype of this system on a sled trip deep in Washington's Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest last year when the BOA reel on his boot's tongue broke off. "I lost the outer closer system, but the inner lacing was still tight so I was still able to ride all day," he says.

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