HYPED: Trace Action Sports Tracker

HYPED: Action Sports Tracker and App Auto-Edits, Color-Corrects and More


Words: Billy Brown

Tracking the metrics of your movement doesn't have to be done inside a lab with a skintight suit and a kaleidoscope of body sensors. Now, you can record all this data while busting laps down the hill on your snowboard and filming it.

The Trace Action Sports Tracker ($199, traceup.com) is a device that'll record your speed, airtime, height, rotation, and a grip of other cool shit via satellite and accelerometers, and some other big words that you'll probably end up reading out loud, syllable…by…syllable.


But our favorite feature is definitely the automatic video editing. Yeah, that's right. The Trace syncs with your POV camera and edits your videos for you.

Everybody wants to post sweet footy of themselves tearing up the backcountry or the terrain park, but nobody wants to sift through hours of footage to find the two or three minutes in which they're actually doing something worth watching. The Trace senses when your board is moving and eliminates the footage of you standing in line or strapping in at the top of the run and gets right to the money shots.

Launched yesterday, the Trace App for Mac, ($free, download at traceup.com/videos) lets you upload your raw footage, cutting gigs of video down to the exciting parts (none of that "Is this thing on?" face to open your video), color-correcting your runs, and overlaying the above-mentioned stats.

Soon you'll be able to compare your speed approaching a jump to your friends', pros, or yourself on a different day.

But there's a caveat with all this transparency: now you've got something that actually measures and displays how fast/high/awesome your day on the mountain was, you'd better make damn sure that you're really tearing it up out there.


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