HYPED : Signal Snowboards Sierra Series

Signal Snowboards

HYPED : Signal Snowboards Sierra Series

Words: Billy Brown

Often, when you hear about a signature series board, it means a professional rider picked a cool graphic and told the company how much flex he/she wants before the design ships out to China. When it came to designing the Sierra Series snowboard ($533, signalsnowboards.com), Signal rider John Jackson took things a bit deeper.

"John has been so involved in the day to day aspect of design, said Marc Wierenga, Signal's Marketing Director. "Laying out the shape, the width, the sidecut, and the nose profile."

In fact, John J was so invested in creating a killer snowboard that he left a piece of himself in the project. Literally. He clipped out a piece of one of his dreadlocks and pressed it into the topsheet of one of the early prototypes. It's fair to say he was personally invested in the product.

John Jackson's Signal Snowboard

The result was the Sierra Series, a board so different from the rest of Signal's line that they had to whip up some new tip and tail molds for their factory. The core is made up of a lightweight paulownia wood core and reinforced with poplar stringers and nose-to-tail carbon, and the quad-sidecut digs into the snow and lets you edge without worrying about sketching out when you hit an icy patch.

And yeah, John picked a cool graphic, too. Working with LA-based artist Hans Walør, fusing Zen and chaotic elements into a fluid atmosphere of mountains, moons, and faces, the design spreads across all five sizes (153, 156, 158, 160, and 163cm). If you want the coolest section, though, you might want to snag the 158.

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