HYPED : Rome Guide Snowboard Boots

HYPED : Rome Guide Snowboard Boots

Words: Alex Showerman

Plenty of modern day snowboard boots are starting to resemble something you would see on a basketball court rather than standing on top of a snow-covered summit. That is certainly not the Guide boot by Rome. Think beards, flannel, and building a log cabin with your bare hands and you've pretty much summed up this boot.


Drawing inspiration from the days when toughness was valued over flash, the Guide has an old school stoutness to it. With a full leather upper anchored by a burly Vibram sole, you can expect to spend day after day waking up early for dawn patrols and riding first to last chair without this boot breaking down.


Don't let the old school look and feel fool you though. This is a thoroughly modern boot with all the creature comforts you would expect in the 2016 line-up. The boot features Rome's top-of-the-line Ultra F.I.T. liner, with a Boa lacing system giving your feet a big old bear hug and locking your ankles in tight. Under your foot, Rome has used space age D30 foams for maximum impact absorption and comfort to keep your feet feeling more like they are sipping bourbon by the fire, instead of spending all day slinging chairs and stomping drops.

These boots are the ultimate dirtbag boot for the riders who rip hard every day and don't want to pony up cash for new boots every season. One buyer's note is these were the roomiest boot testers slipped on so expect to size down when heading to your local shop to pick up a pair.

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