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HYPED: Revert Foundation Snowboard Socks

MSRP: $28

Many people don't ever learn how to benefit others through their own passions. Snowboarding legend Chris Roach says it took him a long time, but he finally realizes what he can actually do with his life of shredding. He’s now at a point where he can give back and help people share the rad feelings that come with snowboarding and spending time in the mountains. In an effort to help the youth of our generation, Chris, his wife Jonelle, brother Monty, and friend Devin created the Revert Foundation. Revert helps underprivileged kids experience the rad gifts that snowboarding and the mountains provide.

How it works:
Revert Foundation raises money through various avenues, including donations and product sales. It’s a 501.c3 nonprofit organization, and all proceeds move full-circle back into the company. Woodward Tahoe and Boreal Mountain Resort provide facilities and slopes to shred. Every Sunday this January and February, six kids each month, who will be chosen via application process so long as their parents meet certain financial criteria, will be brought to experience the mountains in a snowboard camp setting. As part of the Revert Ratpac, they'll get instruction, gear, and food for free.

How it started:
Roach and Nico Noland founded D-Day Snowboards, but for years Roach wasn't able to enjoy snowboarding as much as he would have liked, due to knee injury. His kids first got into motocross, even racing, but after fixing his knees and eventually bringing snowboarding back into his own life more regularly, his kids also caught on. Now they're hooked. Roach gets a free pass to many resorts, but says when he brings his family the days get expensive.

"I think back to my family and what my dad had to do to get my brother and I out there. I wanted to find a way to give back. To share with others all the good that snowboarding has done for me," he said over the phone while driving away from a job site."We have a weather window in Tahoe right now. I figured I'd pick up some work until it snows again."

Roach runs an excavation company, and had to put our interview on pause so he could finish loading his trailer. He works on Revert in his spare time. “There are so many rad events and ways to give," he said once I had his full attention again. "It's snowboarding. We should be doing some really cool stuff."

How to donate:
To help create awareness, the Revert sock line was started. According to Roach, the idea behind having products is there's always a reason for people to get something along with the good feeling that comes with donating. “We have some of snowboarding's greats as ambassadors. Shawn Palmer, Peter Line, and Noah Salasnek. We’ve aligned ourselves with some of the most respected riders in the world and what they've done for shredding."

Revert makes snowboard socks as well as everyday street socks. Snowboard socks are 82% ultra spun nylon, 15% moisture-wicking polyester, and 3% spandex. Street socks are a blend of 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% spandex.

"We have a donation button on our website, RevertFoundation.org. All our products are available for the same reason. To give back."

This is the first season Revert Foundation will bring kids to the mountains to be a part of the Revert Ratpac. They just need to get to Grass Valley, CA, about 45 minutes from camp, where they'll be picked up in a Boreal shuttle. The shuttle will sport Boreal and Woodward logos, so kids should be stoked from the get-go.

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