Hyped : Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm Jacket


Words: Alex Showerman

One puffy to rule them all? Quite possibly. The Stretch Nano Storm was the go-to jacket on a two-and-a-half week splitboarding trip in Iceland last May. It battled cold, rain, snow, wind, and even brushes with razor-sharp lava rocks on off-days spent scrambling while waiting for weather windows. After much abuse, the face fabric took just a quick wash to look good as new, making this a great insulator for riders who are hard on their gear.

Built for alpinism, this isn't a fully featured, insulated resort jacket, but its simplicity is what makes it so dynamic and a great choice for snowboarders, especially those who frequent the backcountry. It takes everything we love from Patagonia's Nano Air line– the warmth, breathability, and versatility of their FullRange™ insulation with stretchable fibers– and adds a bomb-proof H2No® shell, Patagonia's proprietary waterproof membrane. You could rock this "puffy" jacket when the elements are throwing some of their worst at you.

The FullRange™ insulation is noticeably light and airy, and remains evenly spread throughout the jacket. Since the insulation doesn't bunch up like down and other synthetic products, you can feel bundled up in the Stretch Nano Storm without looking like the Michelin Man. This low-profile jacket went with ease from summit to base and the simplistic design still looked chill while cruising around town. Warm and protected from winds up high, crazy comfort while enjoying aprés with the crew. That's a great combo, and one we don't see often.


MSRP $449

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