HYPED: Ovan Magni Goggles

Hyped Ovan Goggles

HYPED: Ovan Magni Goggles

“Style is personal.” Ovan Vision is an uprising brand with a refreshing, progressive view on style and unique design. Founded by renown New York model and fashion enthusiast Alex Lundqvist, as well as legendary snowboarding figurehead Bjorn Leines, Ovan is dedicated to pushing the limits of eyewear production and engineering their products for the “science of the good life.” Based in San Diego, Ovan has landed itself in one of the biggest snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and artistic cultural hotbeds.  Their mission statement shows how their passion for action sports drives the design behind their product.

In addition to a sleek pair of shades, Ovan has designed a pair of goggles that snag on every important aspect with a ton of cool features. The MAGNI frame is mid to large size, fitting both male and female faces and is constructed with recycled polyethylene for a super light and soft feel. Ovan includes two lenses that cover you on a blinding bluebird days and brighten things up in low light with poor visibility. The lenses contain high-quality inner thermal materials from Italy that are hand-crafted and fine-tuned to balance light transmission, reduce glare, and eliminate fog. Both lenses are four-dimensionally coated (sprayed on the inside and outside of each layer prior to being bonded as a thermal lens) and are easily interchangeable.

All of the high-tech manufacturing aside, these goggles also have a grip of rad strap design options including a couple graphics done by artist, snowboarder, and skateboarder Mark Kowlachuck. Ovan is pushing an artistic vibe into these goggles, that backed with tech.


-Unisex fit

-Ergonomic Mid / Large Unisex fit, 3 layer moisture wicking comfort foam, heat-escape venting

-2 Lenses, 100% UV A, B, C, protection, Ovan Anti-Fog & Anti – Scratch hard coating, Ovan Anti – Glare technology

-Helmet compatible with silicone grip lines in strap

-Various strap options

From Ovan:

Our business model is focused on customer satisfaction and sustainability! This starts with using the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Eco-friendly materials that serve a purpose of style and function.

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