People are just plain down with Mizu. It could be because it was founded back in 2008 by pro-snowboarder Jussi Oksanen. It could also be because they consistently put their company’s mission ahead of their bottom line. By making a stand against single-use plastic bottles and working against the havoc they wreak on our environment, Mizu has created a functional, awesome looking product that also serves a much greater purpose. So fill it up with pride, knowing you’ll be hydrated and doing the world some good at the same time.

We decided it would be rad to team up with one of our favorite companies, led by one of our favorite riders, to create a super limited run of this collaborative V8 bottle. Here’s what you need to know, and why we’re hyped.

MIZU x TWSNOW V8 Features:

– Made from BPA free stainless steel

– Vacuum insulated and double walled, way better than your average water bottle

– Keeps up to 800 ML / 27 OZ of cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot

– Matte black with laser etched TWSNOW logo

– Lifetime warranty

– Mix and match caps from your other Mizu bottles to trick it out

Get one for yourself before they disappear:



TWSNOW x MIZU Insulated V8 Water Bottle

Time for a refill. Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer

From Mizu:

The big brother of the V6, the V8 is perfect for longer days when you need to step up your hydration. We like the V8 on daylong winter backcountry missions or surf sessions, and we may even sneak in a few beers (2 ½ to be exact) or mix up a cocktail for outdoors

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