HYPED: Lobster Halldor Helgason Pro Model

You can't get much more Helgason than Halldor's Pro Model Lobster board. The man is so insane they had to make two pro models for him this season, and in addition to his ASYM board, he added a more performance oriented twin for when the snow days call for a little extra send.

It displays a simple, black and white design with his favorite tools smack dab in the middle; a dental flosser crossing over a hammer/cheese grater apparatus. We've learned to expect the unexpected with Halldor.


Not only does it sport a badass aesthetic, it's built for a badass day on the mountain. It falls right in the middle of playful and aggressive with a medium/hard flex, making it a quiver killer fit for big park jumps and deep powder days in the backcountry. This true twin weapon has Triple Base Technology, meaning turns will be fast and smooth, and it'll have your back when landings get a little sketchy. A new feature includes Sidekick tips on the nose and tail, which makes it float through the snow even better than before. There are six carbon strips positioned rail to rail beneath the bindings for extra support, speed, and pop when hop-zinging through terrain.

If you want to conquer all facets of the mountain, do yourself a favor and check out Halldor’s rig. You can even rock his matching pair of bindings to obtain the full Icelandic partyboy set up.


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