HYPED: Insta360 Video Camera

MSRP: $299.90

Shoot first, point later. Insta360, the video camera company allowing users to capture everything around them just released the new Insta360 ONE! It is the only camera you'll need when you go on your next adventure.

The camera is waterproofed up to 98 feet!


The Insta360 ONE shoots 360° video and photo, at resolutions of 4K and 24 MP. The camera can be use with or without your phone, giving it a boost in its flexibility. So for the price of one, you have a standalone camera, wirelessly lens connected via Bluetooth, and connected to your smartphone via the charging port.

Using your phones gyroscope capability, everything captured by the camera will be visible on your screen. The FreeCapture technology also lets you switch to "tiny planet" or "rabbit hole" effects, giving your photos and video a new perspective. With built in six-axis image stabilization, smooth follow cams are just an Insta360 ONE away.

SmartTrack also lets users automatically capture a 1080p fixed-frame video where the subject of their choice is always centered. This feature will come in handy for anyone self-recording or for ensuring that you'll never miss anything.

Try the “Flying Camera” shots right out of the box

Finally, Insta360 One adds a little bit of Hollywood magic by erasing selfie sticks with the floating camera illusion. Selfie stick is not included; however, a string attachment is, which allows users to try the "flying camera" shots right out of the box.

Available separately, the IP68 waterproof housing unit is effective at up to 30-meter (98.4 feet) depths and makes it ideal for filming watersports and underwater scenes. We can see our surfer friends having fun with this.

Includes: Two-in-one case and camera stand, a MicroSD card, a Micro-USB cable, a lens cloth, and a string attachment to achieve the bullet-time effect.

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