After the elastic strap, undoubtedly the biggest milestone in snow goggle technology came when someone discovered the whole dual-lens thing. But decades later, optical advancements continue to improve our on-snow experience, the most recent trend being toward contrast-enhancing lens technology. Dragon's Lumalens is a successful execution of such. The concept is simple: improved contrast allows a rider to better see what's in front of them. The better you can see, the easier snowboarding is. The easier snowboarding is, the better you are at it.

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Filtering hot, white light prevalent in snowy environments, which contributes to haze and glare, Lumalens lets in optimized filtered light, ultimately increasing contrast. This enhanced definition, of course, allows a rider to better read terrain. The technology also improves the vividness of colors, which is noticeable as soon as you put a pair of Lumalens-equipped goggles on.

Forest Bailey. PHOTO: Blatt

While Lumalens was introduced with only two lens options—Flash Blue and Flash Green—Dragon's proprietary contrast enhancement is now offered in ten different lens options, ranging from 10 to 80 percent visible light transition (VLT). On the latter end of the spectrum sits a yellow lens ideal for ultra cloudy and foggy scenarios and on the former a gold ion perfect for when there's not a cloud in the sky.

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What's noticeable and welcome about Lumalens, however, is the increased gammut of light conditions that a single tint can perform in, especially those falling near the middle of the VLT spectrum, like the green and red ion options. Either of these will get you through a day with the most variable of light conditions. Of course, Dragon's Swiftlock lens-changing mechanism is among the most efficient on the market, so if you're keen to carry a spare, changing on the fly couldn't be simpler.

Better than we can explain it, can demonstrate it with a nifty simulator, and more so than Dragon's virtual example can exhibit, strapping a pair to your head and going snowboarding can show you the benefits of Lumalens.

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