Whether you're up at Hood making laps on the snowfield, hanging at the skatepark dialing in tricks, soaking up rays somewhere south, or simply stepping out to snag a sandwich, sunglasses are an essential piece of gear any time of year. While there's millions of designs and frames to choose from, right now, we're into Dragon's Liege. These medium-sized, Italian-made frames sport a vintage vibe and classic look that's sleek, alluring, and bonus: they float.


Things can get rowdy when you're around water. Something could rock your boat and send your glasses flying. When this happens, you grasp at the water and splash about as try to save your prized shades. After thrashing about, you resolve to waving 'sayonara' as they sink further into the murky abyss. We've all lost a pair too many this way, but lost-at-sea sunnies may be less of a worry with Dragon's floating frames. The Liege's are constructed with buoyant materials to help them float back up towards the surface. A simple bit of tech, but hey, we're hyped on it.


Dragon Liege Stats: MSRP $180
6 Base Polycarbonate Lens
Injection Molded Grilamid Frame
5 Barrel Stainless Steel Hinge
100% UV Protection
Performance Polarized
Medium Fit

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