HYPED: DC Scendent Boot

MSRP: $349.95

The 2017 Scendent rides the stiff side of DC's boot spectrum, making it a new favorite among big-mountain riders. Still, it flexes enough for all-mountain freestylers. Most of the boot's shell is rigid, which offers great support, but it gives at the ankle without rebounding back too fast. This way it can still make tight turns and lock into powerful presses, however the boot really comes into its own when riding big lines.


The Scendent is DC's high-end offering with traditional lacing, which should satisfy riders looking for the most snug, personalized fit. The heat-moldable Double Black liner is the brand’s most supportive, providing exceptional heel hold and matching the foot's natural contours to decrease response time when you send signals to your board. There's also ample room in the toe box to prevent cramping. The EVA outsole cushioning is amplified with DC's Impact-G technology, which softens impacts when stomping big airs or blasting over bumps, and the Impact-S insole with gel cushion adds even more dampening underfoot. That’s a lot of soft talk, but this hardcore boot provides superior board feel so riders feel more in touch with the mountain than possible in most boots this supportive.

For those who require a highly responsive, super comfortable boot that can sack up and sent it in demanding terrain, the Scendent may be a new best bet.

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