Hyped : DC Media Blitz Snowboard

Hyped : DC Media Blitz

Hyped : DC Media Blitz Snowboard

For those seeking fast lines and loads of loft, enter the DC Media Blitz, Torstein Horgmo's signature board series. Torstein pooled his park riding expertise and DC put in their highest-end ingredients to create this aggressive freestyle twin with a unique tip design.

The Media Blitz features a steep rise in the nose and tail, offering the ability to ride a shorter board with the feel and stability of a larger one—a key design element of Torstein was looking for. This small radius in the tips gives the board a longer running length and effective edge, the portion of the board that touches snow and supports the rider. This design also reduces the end swing weight for spins and might just bring nose and tail grabs a smidge closer.

Those accustomed to generous rockered tips might find locking in presses a bit harder. But when it comes to hauling ass and hitting huge jumps, this is where the Media Blitz shines. It has a hearty helping of positive camber combined with a stout core and carbon fiber additives in the layup. It's the stiffest board in the DC line and we found that it takes some serious muscle and momentum to ride it. For those looking to cruise the park for sidehits and jibs, we'd suggest something on the softer, more playful side like their PBJ (Park Board for Jibbing) or Mega. For riders chasing down heavy jump lines and huge hips, this is your partner in crime.

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