Hyped: Bent Metal Bindings Transfer – Jamie Lynn
MSRP: $290

We're pretty pumped on Bent Metal's huge surge in the binding market. We're especially hyped on the Transfer Bindings that come in the Jamie Lynn's color way. As an all-mountain aggressive binding, we like its responsiveness, comfort, versatility, and style.

As far as how this thing works, the upper highback wraps the upper boot for added support and response; overall the highback has a mid-level flex and isn't as stiff as it looks.

To adjust forward lean, spin a cube-shaped block of urethane to four different heights. The urethane has the dual benefit of durability and dampening vibration. The drive plates feature excellent dampening ability as well. The ankle and toe straps contribute to that response, too. Wide and supportive, the ankle strap is strong and secure and contoured. Likewise, the toe strap is more supportive than many of the flossy versions out there these days. The aluminum buckles have great action and seem built to last. For all its durable features, you'd expect the Transfer to be heavyweight, but it rode surprisingly light.

Spec from Evo:


6 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)


Flex Control Drive Plate | Magnesium - Medium flexing magnesium fibers transmit precise edge to edge performance in all conditions.


Ergonomic Highback - Medium flexing asymmetric engineered nylon provides all terrain, all day performance support and comfort.

Revolutionary Cube - Urethane dampening with fast and easy forward lean adjustment.


Light Form Ankle Strap - Lightweight structural performance core. Advanced IMEVA foam pad formula, comfortable and lightweight.


Forged Aluminum Buckles - Hardened for ultimate strength and lightweight with smooth entry and release.

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