Bataleon hits hard with their updated version of the Jam.

This all mountain charger features a new shape that combines a somewhat directional freestyle outline with a true twin contact shape. Positive camber runs from tip to tail with lifted contact points at the widest parts of the board, offering a more responsive and forgiving ride.

Bataleon's Triple Base Technology continues to improve with Third Generation 3BT, which sports Sidekick Tips, an all-new addition that makes turn initiation smoother and floats in powder like a dream. Carbon Kevlar enhancement provides extra support and snap when dropping heavy cliffs or ripping bigger lines.

Calling to the speed demons with an aggressive riding style, the Jam provides stable control and solid edge hold at high speeds. You won't have any trouble getting there— this baby is fast. Its design is sleek, simple and badass, giving you the feel and confidence to handle any terrain that gets thrown your way.

Bataleon stays one step ahead with impressive technology and with the security of a 2-year-warranty, you might as well kiss flat boards goodbye. Watch Tor Lundstrom fly on this rig.


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