HYPED: Airblaster Ninja Suits

$MSPR: $99-$199 depending on style!

Where's the strangest place you've ever worn your Ninja suit? We thought about that while writing this, because we've worn ours in places you don't even want to know about… And it's been awesome every time.

That's the thing about this one-piece base layer, you can actually wear it any where, while doing any task. That's just one of the reason's we love the Airblaster Ninja suit, it's so freaking versatile.

Built with ultra cozy and warm moisture wicking material, the Woolverino blend is 45% stronger and dries twice as fast as Merino alone. So when you're working up a little sweat, it actually helps to wick it away, and keep your core-temperature nice and steady.

For snowboarding, it's a dream suit. It's fits nice and snuggly, and is ultra comfortable to wear under your outerwear. It doesn't bunch-up,  stays in place, and also allows uninhibited maneuverability.

Perhaps one of the things that we're most hyped on with this suit, is the 350-degree zipper. This allows for necessary, easy access to dropping trou' when nature calls. Unzip, do your business, and then zip back up, all without having to expose any unnecessary skin to the elements.

We love the overall design of this thing, and wear ours all the time.. We actually might even be wearing it now….

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