When Salomon introduced The Villain in 2012, it helped shift the paradigm of what the term jib board meant. With Louif Paradis' input, Salomon created a rail-oriented board that wasn't a rockered noodle with an extruded base, but a high-performance, camber dominant twin-tip with carbon inlays. Two years later, the Assassin was introduced. Building on The Villain's platform, this model took construction cues from established Salomon freeride boards like the legacied Sick Stick. Thus, it was, and is, marketed as a more freeride-oriented option than its criminal counterpart, which is not untrue. But in reality, the Assassin is very much a freestyle board.

It just happens to have a lower-entry nose and tail that plane through powder slightly better than The Villain and a bit of increase in its dampening. Neither of those attributes have any hindrance on its park performance. It works as well on man-made features as it does on natural lips and powder landings. This versatility is what puts The Assassin on a short list of the best all-around snowboards available today. It's a daily driver. No single board will ever replace the unique benefits achievable with a quiver, but there are boards that come much closer than others, and the Salomon Assassin is absolutely one of them.

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