About Hovland Snowskates:

Hovland is dedicated to designing snowskates that perform in all conditions. In a quiver world, we offer all-mountain snowskates that perform in any snow level and at any location. From skating the park to surfing pow, we focus only on creating the most functional snowskates on the planet.





MSRP: $299
Sizes: 126cm sub-deck; multiple top deck size options
With a wide nose and waist, this skate is super stable and ready to ride everything in front of you.


MSRP: $279
Sizes: 105cm sub-deck; multiple top deck size options
Our most versatile snowskate, the Ram is great for everything from jibbing the park to freeriding shallow pow.


MSRP: $249
Sizes: 105cm sub-deck; multiple top deck size options
This twin tip skate is designed with a soft feel and wide base to maximize stability while riding the park.

Alan Gerlach Pro

MSRP: $129.99
Colors: Lime/Forest
Sizes: 34.5″ x 9.0″
The Gerlach Pro is built for speed and stability without compromising pop; perfect for hills, mountains, and big features.

Phil Smage Pro

MSRP: $129.99
Colors: Blue/Violet
Sizes: 33.25″ x 8.875″
The Smage Pro is a true do-everything snowskate with a classic tapered shape and super poppy dual-radii kicks.

Spatula Obscura

MSRP: $124.99
Colors: Red/Natural
Sizes: 32.5″ x 8.375″
The Spatula Obscura is the smallest and lightest in the lineup, excelling at tech skating and great for smaller riders.

PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen

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