Hands Off

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Adequately insulated for female fingers, these gloves and mitts are what a girl wants, and what a girl needs.

1. POW Stealth Gore-Tex Glove ($90)
Dog-fur fleece for a comfy cuff and supple grab-gripping leather.

2. 686 Nectar Insulated Mitt ($45)
Poppy style and a synthetic palm for grabbing all day long.

3. Oakley Gore-Tex Claw Glove ($90)
Quality leather, proven waterproofing, and Gretchen Bleiler's signature style.

4. DC Zao Trigger Mitt ($60)
Trigger-finger freedom and a side zip for venting or heat packs.

5. Grenade Venus Mitt ($55)
Lightly insulated for warmer days.

6. DaKine Firebird Gore-Tex Mitt ($70)
Plump insulation and a cozy knitted cuff set this mitt on fire.