Hammer is introducing their Angel series of snowboards designed especially for women, as well as the Pulp Series of all around freestyle/freeride boards. The Lael Gregory Pro Model returns in 3 lengths, the O-O has been redesigned for hardcore freestyle, and the Shifty returns for juniors. This is Hammer’s second year in the market as the freestyle division of the 13 year old Hot Snowboard Company. Hot’s unique horizontal laminate construction is utilized in all Hammer boards. All Hammer boards have wood cores, both directional and twin tipped. The horizontal laminate allows for torsional stiffness while preserving longitudinal flex qualities.


Recognizing that the sport of snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular with women, Hammer has designed the Angel Series. The boards come in 3 lengths, 136, 143 and 149 and are designed for freestyle/freeriding. Recognizing, also, that women want the same performance offered to their male counterparts, the Angel series incorporates all the performance features of other Hammer boards but with a softer flex and narrower waist width.


Pulp is made up of 4 lengths. The longer 159 and 165 come with directional cores, making them softer in the nose and progressively stiffer to the tail. The nose grabs the snow during turn initiation and the stiff tail prevents washing out while finishing the turn. The shorter 149 and 154 are more freestyle oriented for those who want the board to perform regular or fakie maneuvers.


Lael, the 1995 World halfpipe Champion, has designed 3 different boards for 3 different styles: the 142 for hardcore halfpipe riding with a unidirectional core; the 147 for freestyle in or out of the pipe; and the 155 with a directional core designed for freeriding. Paul Alden of Hammer Snowboards commented that, “We value our riders because they know what they like in a product and they know how to translate this knowledge into products that will perform well for the rest of us. Since Lael is one of the best, we let him build his own boards which we know will also enable many others to perform to the best of their abilities.”

The 0-0 is a hardcore freestyle board made for spins, rails and freeriding. The 0-0 has a super lightweight horizontal laminate wood core which makes it extremely responsive and powerful. The 0-0 is twin-tipped with 24 centered inserts.


The Shifty for juniors is Hammer’s only foam injected board. This provides a lighter weight snowboard with a soft flex which allows kids to turn and maneuver the snowboard with ease, while keeping the price reasonable.

Hammer Snowboards are distributed by Raichle Molitor USA, Inc. RMUSA is also the exclusive distributor of Raichle Ski, Snowboard, Hiking, Mountaineering and Trekking Boots; Dee Luxe Snowboard Boots; Fischer Alpine Skis; Fischer Cross Country Skis and Boots; Hot Snowboards; Rage and SnowPro Snowboard Bindings; Boxx Snowboard Clothing; and Eloura Snowboard Gloves. The company is based in Brewster, New York and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raichle Sports AG of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.