HYPED: GoPro Launches ‘Hero4 Session’, its Most User-Friendly Camera Yet

GoPro's dominance in the POV market has been undeniable: excellent video quality, tough camera cases, great still images, and countless mounting options have kept them ahead of the competition. But the one gripe that users and reviewers have had always revolved around the HERO cameras' use. The more menu options and the more button pushes required, the more chances a user will have to miss the shot.


New GoPro Hero4 Session Camera

The company's latest release, the HERO4 Session ($399, releases July 12) addresses this with one-button operation: one push of the button turns the camera on and starts the recording. Boom.

That's not the only upgrade you're looking at: the camera's also about half the size of the Hero4 and just over half the weight. It's basically the size of the Hero4's lens, and its waterproof out of the box: no extra case to add any weight or bulk.

In other words, it'd pretty much be a spy camera if you didn't have to strap it to your forehead to get that all-important POV shot.

The smaller size comes with some smaller specs – it doesn't record in 4k, its highest framerate is 100fps, and it shoots photos at 8 megapixels (your phone probably shoots at a higher resolution).

On the other hand, most casual users aren't going to notice the lack of recording power here. They'll more likely appreciate that it has the best battery life of any GoPro camera (2 hours recording at 1080p), and the kind of user interface that just about anyone can understand.

Even better? That tiny black box looks way better than its fat silver brothers when it's glued to your forehead. That alone might make it worth a purchase.

Words: Billy Brown