This article was produced in partnership with GoPro.

GoPro has long been synonymous with action sports cinema, and just as the riders in front of the lens have progressed to near unimaginable levels, so too have these pocket-sized cameras capturing it all.

Just take a look at the all-new HERO7 Black.

Previously, it's been mind-blowing to see what riders like Halldor Helgason or filmers like Spencer Whiting (perhaps you know him better as @gimbalgod) have been able to produce with just a GoPro camera and gimbal attachment. But with the introduction of the HERO7, which features GoPro's all-new HyperSmooth technology, you can now get gimbal-like stabilization straight out of the box.

GoPro’s new HERO7 Black harnesses a slew of new features, including HyperSmooth technology.

Capable of tracking and anticipating your movements, HyperSmooth results in GoPro's best in-camera stabilization to-date, meaning that you'll get impressively smooth video even when you and your buddies are rallying through some early morning chunder. In addition to these high-shock scenarios, HyperSmooth also works underwater and in windy conditions – those finicky filming environments where gimbals have been previously known to fail. The end result being more clips worth keeping, and less time and money invested in doing so.

But HyperSmooth isn't the only game-changing feature on the HERO7. GoPro has also integrated live streaming capabilities, meaning that you can now leave your phone in your pocket when those need-to-share-with-the-world opportunities present themselves. Live stream that newly discovered powder stash direct to Facebook and YouTube in real-time, while the camera simultaneously saves the entire video to your SD card for later use.

Voice Control allows users to control the camera by way of 16 different voice commands.

The HERO7 Black also features user-friendly upgrades like Voice Control, which allows you to control the camera through 16 unique voice commands. So next time you're about to drop in on a picture-perfect chute, simply say "GoPro, take a photo," and the camera will handle the rest of the work for you.

And speaking of photos, the new SuperPhoto feature drastically improves still image quality from GoPro models past. Through HDR, local tone mapping, and noise reduction, the HERO7 Black analyzes the entire scene at hand, snapping a high-quality photo in any and all light conditions.

The all-new SuperPhoto feature results in GoPro’s best still images to-date.

With other features such as the new TimeWarp video mode – which allows you to capture smooth, stabilized time lapses on the move, as well as little details like the ability to shoot in portrait mode (perfect for uploading to your Instagram stories), GoPro's HERO7 Black keeps true to the company's knack for constantly improving their already-proven products.

All this functionality comes in at just $399, which is actually less than the HERO6 cost when it was released, making the HERO7 Black an affordable option for those looking to make a worthwhile upgrade.

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