Goods: Vans Danny Kass IV

Vans Danny Kass IV

Not only will these boots have instant impact on your street credibility—what with the custom Tim Karpinski artwork and all—they may also save your life. Equipped with the Recco system, the boot’s reflectors can be picked up by a resort’s rescue detector in the event of an avalanche situation—thus, acting like an avalanche beacon. Check to see if your resort is Recco equipped.

Available in McKass/red (pictured), white/checker, or black/white, the boot rates a three out of six on the Vans flexometer, which means it’s pretty versatile and should be able to handle whatever terrain you throw at it. The fourth offering from Kass’ feet features a synthetic-leather upper, and premium dampening—dual air/gel in the heel, and another gel cassette towards the front of the boot to further support your dogs.