Goods: Neff G.S.F.P.

The G.S.F.P. or Goggle Strap Fanny Pack to the layman is just that, it’s a little fanny pack for your goggles strap. It fastens around your goggle’s existing strap via Velcro a closure with no modifications to your gogg. You could put anything you want in there, your cash, your chappy, a goggle wipe, some gum, you could probably even fit another G.S.F.P. in there if you really wanted. Rumor has it that there will be a limited run TransWorld x Neff edition of the G.S.F.P. dropping this winter so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Editors Note: I should have clarified in the beginning that Neff teamed up with Anthony Capetta from Archetype on the G.S.F.P., forgot to mention that. So pipe down you hateful little keyboard shredders, it’s all good.

Shaun Neff said: “Just to clarify, Neff is my company and we did not invent this at all and we dont claim it , We teamed up with a dope kid named Anthony Cappetta from Archetype a midwest kid who developed this goggle strap fanny pack. I saw a couple of my Riders like Jonas Michilot and Casanova rockin it so i contacted him and we teamed up and we are collabin with him and have him on a royalty program. Just wanted to clarify the confusion. Peace”.