Goods: Forum Eddie Wall Snowdrive

And you thought MFM had all the pro-model gear—don’t sleep on Eddie Wall. Our resident videographer stumbled across this little gem waiting in line at Fry’s, it’s a USB 2.0 compatible, two gigabyte jump drive fashioned after Eddie Wall’s signature Forum Destroyer 156. It’s the spitting image of Eddie’s shred-stick, except tiny … and it’s a jump drive. You can store any kind of digital file on this guy, photos, small videos, sponsor-me-tapes, your homework—whatever. We’ve also seen a Forum Recon model, and a Burton Vapor. They also come with a lanyard-like neck piece so you can run ’em like jewelry; and the more flair the merrier these days, right?Search for ’em online, they’ll run you twenty to thirty duckets a piece, depending on which one you drop in on.

2 GB $30
1 GB $20