Goods: Forum Destroyer-S

Forum’s Destroyer was built to O.G., triple O.G., Peter Lines original specs, which takes us back to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, and Pete’s still down for it, it must be the shit. The board has a medium flex, a true “BADASS twin shape, along with a true twin core so you can ride around backwards for days.

The Destroyer S, also available in a Joni Malmi 156, features custom graphics, Pete’s 154 sporting of course dick nosed ponies. The boards are also equipped with Forum’s I-LOCK technology, allowing you to easily dial in your perfect stance whatever that may be.

If this was Starbucks, the little chalkboard with the seasonal specials would read something like, “Pairs well with a day in the park, and the Platform 1.8 binding.