Goods: Celtek Top Score Mitten

I first donned the Celtek Top Score Mitten on Opening day at Big Bear, probably not the best choice. As warm as it was, and as waterproof as these mitt’s are they really held in the moisture, the included High Score Pipe Glove liner would have better suited the conditions for sure had I remembered to grab them. However from Big Bear we made tracks for Utah, where these gloves were meant to be used. Designed and tested by the Leines Brothers, Erik and Bjorn, these mitt’s are sick for legit winter conditions. Equipped with a Saitos waterproof insert your hands will stay nice ‘n’ dry no matter what, and another sick feature is the flip mitt technology. A zipper across the palm of the allows you to get your fingers out of the mitt to handle your business without taking the mitt off. Available in black, white, and grey.