Good Wood 2012: Gnu Rider’s Choice Pickle

2012 Gnu Riders Choice With Pickle Tech Snowboard

Gnu Rider’s Choice Pickle ($540)

The name says it all. This all-terrain freestyle deck is both a team choice, and a pick of the Good Wood crew. Now offered in a new asymmetrical shape and core, it’s better balanced for powering heelside and toeside turns. With a four-way weave of top-notch Quasi fiberglass (the same stuff developed for the Mars rover and stronger than titanium) it’s got space-grade snap and control, and a super fast sintered base to send it.

Tester Feedback:

“This board’s the Swiss army knife of boards. No heelside slip outs. I’d recommend it to any snowboarder.”

Sizes: 151.5, 154.5, 157.5, 161.5