Gnu B-Pro BTX

Gnu B-Pro Snowboard, $539Gnu B-Pro Snowboard, $539

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Great for jumping, very stable, turns good. Really is a good all-mountain board.”
“This board maneuvered super well in all the fresh snow. Turned nicely and quickly and felt solid underfoot.”
“Really fun board, super fun to cruise. The nose and tail still had enough flex to make it fun to butter and jib around.”
“Oh man, this board was fun! Ollie-ing on this board covered my face with smiles! It felt so great being able to nail presses on a new board. It felt like cheating.”
“The board felt long compared to how long it really was. It held an edge very easily and turned with little effort.”
“Good balance of reverse camber and camber. Poppy and fun, while it handles jumps like a pro.”

Gnu B–Pro BTX Effective Edge (cm) Waist Width (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Stance Range (in) Stance Location (in) Sidecut (m) Shape Camber
146 cm 111 23.8 n/a 18–23.5 Centered 8.1 MTX Alternative
149 cm 114.5 24.2 n/a 19.24–24 Centered 8.1 MTX Alternative
152 cm 117 24.2 n/a 19.24–24 Centered 8.2 MTX Alternative
155 cm 118.5 24.8 n/a 19.24–24 Centered 8.3 MTX Alternative