Glow Wax

One Ball Jay has a not-so-new product called Glow Wax that leaves a funky green slime trail behind your board. Though not a high-quality wax, it’s a lot of fun and works best when conditions are really wet. Glow Wax makes it look like you just rode through nuclear waste, but according to 1BJ guy Bryan Rushforth, it’s really quite harmless. “One year Matt Cummins and I put some glow wax powder on the course at the Baker Banked Slalom and we got the stuff all over ourselves. We tried to wipe it off but it just got worse,” said Rushforth. He added, “Matt even ended up with some in his mouth and was spitting green.” Though they don’t recommend Glow Wax for consumption, Rushforth says it is completely biodegradable and one of the safest products they make.

The wax comes in a red cake but turns green once water touches it. So if you choose to use their only-toxic-looking wax, don’t be surprised if your clothes or the top of your car turn green after transporting your board to the mountain.