Your boots can be perfectly broken in, your board can be freshly tuned, and your outerwear can be Gore-Tex from head to toe, but let’s face it, if your goggles start fogging up on a powder day or your lenses leave you blinded beneath a bluebird sky, you’re not having a good time. And if we’re being honest, we all want our goggles to look good too. From lenses that change tint at the click of a button to eye-catching collaborations, here are six goggles that stood out among the rest.

Smith I/O Mag

Smith’s brand new I/O Mag features a magnetic lens on a rimless frame. You better believe they’re Elena Hight and Austin Smith approved. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The I/O goggle has long been a staple in the Smith line, and its quick-changing lens system paved the way for countless other goggle manufacturers across the industry. But things are even easier now with the introduction of the I/O Mag, which features eight magnetic contact points on a rimless chassis. Pair it up with Smith’s already reputable ChromaPop technology, and you know these goggles will hold up in any conditions.

Oakley Prizm React

Say goodbye to multiple lenses. Oakley’s new Prizm React features one lens that can shift between three separate tints. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Sure, Oakley‘s Harmony Fade collection was a hot topic of discussion during the Olympics, but perhaps no other goggle caught more eyes at the Colorado Convention Center than Oakley’s Prizm React. Changing lenses now becomes as easy as the press of a button because, well, you don’t have to actually change the lenses at all. That’s right, with the simple click of a button located on the side of the frame, the Prizm React can transition between three separate lens tints (light, medium or dark) meaning you can finally leave all those extra lenses at home instead of bumming out when you realize you left them in the car.

Dragon PXV

Dig the classic look of a cylindrical goggle, but want the peripheral vision of a spherical lens? Dragon’s got you covered. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Do you enjoy the full field of vision from a spherical lens, but also prefer the traditional style of a cylindrical goggle? Well, look no further than Dragon‘s new PXV. Thanks to a toric lens shape, these goggles feature a non-symmetrical base curvature, allowing them to sit closer and wrap further around your face resulting in a wider field of vision. It’s a unique – and very aesthetically pleasing – package that offers a better viewing experience than your once-favorite cylindrical goggles.

Spy Ace EC

Thanks to the removable and rechargeable lithium battery pack, the Ace EC can change its tint at the click of a button. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Spy continues to position themselves at the forefront of goggle technology, and the new Ace EC is perhaps their biggest game-changer to date. With a removable battery pack located on the strap, the Ace EC can change its tint at the click of a button. Simply give it a tap and the lens will shift between three tint options (light, medium and dark) meaning you’re ready for whatever conditions Mother Nature hands your way. And what happens when the lithium battery loses life? Just recharge it via the micro-USB connection and you’re good to go.

VonZipper Halldor Collection

Much like Halldor, VonZipper’s Halldor Collection offers a diversity of style to please anyone and everyone. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

If you paid any attention to Riders’ Poll 19 then you were well aware that Halldor had (yet another) big year. After taking home multiple honors – for Men’s Video Part of the Year as well as Readers’ Choice – it’s no surprise why VonZipper is giving him multiple signature goggles for the upcoming season. Offered in spherical, frameless and cylindrical options, the Halldor Collection is much like the man himself: a crowd pleaser.

Giro Axis

Already a staple in the skateboard scene, Lucas Beaufort and his signature creatures continue to cross over into the snowboard world thanks to the folks at Giro. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Giro‘s Axis proved to be a reputable goggle when it first hit the snow last year, but now it gets even better looking thanks to a collaboration with French artist Lucas Beaufort. Like so many things in snowboarding, we owe a lot to our skateboarding influences, and this is yet another welcomed appropriation. For years, Lucas has livened up countless skateboarding photographs and magazine pages with his lighthearted work, and we’re just stoked to see it gaining traction on the snow.

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