It’s always wise to protect your dome. Whether you’re ripping backcountry lines, lapping the park or just cruising through the masses of powder-hungry weekend warriors at your local resort, a brain bucket is a worthy investment. Featuring new styles, updated technology and unique fitting systems to dial in your helmet and goggle combo, here are four helmets that caught our attention at the Colorado Convention Center.

Oakley MOD

Oakley’s MOD helmets feature the Modular Brim System, ensuring a seamless fit with most goggle styles. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Do you ever fear for that embarrassing gaper gap? Does snow get lodged between your goggles and the brim of your helmet on a powder day? Does something just not fit quite right with your current helmet and goggle combo? Well, maybe one of Oakley’s MOD helmets is just what you need. With two interchangeable brims – one small and one large – there’s no longer a concern whether or not your helmet will fit seamlessly with your goggles. Pop in the one that works best for you and your setup, and you’re ready to ride safely and comfortably.

Smith Mission and Mirage

With 14 vents, Smith’s Mission and Mirage are sure to keep you from getting a hot head. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Smith has two brand new helmet offerings for 2019: the men’s Mission and the women’s Mirage. Constructed with their already-proven Aerocore™, which features Koroyd® technology, each of these helmets promises to be extremely protective, lightweight, and, of course, stylish. With the addition of Smith’s AirEvac2 ventilation system, both the Mission and the Mirage ensure optimal goggle integration (especially when paired with Smith goggles), and the 14 adjustable vents will keep you cool when the sessions start to heat up. Both helmets will also be offered with optional MIPS® lining systems for added insurance.

Roxy Angie

Always at the forefront of function and style, Roxy incorporates their new outerwear and hardgood prints into the Angie helmet. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

Roxy has always been known to push the boundaries in terms of women’s function and fashion, and that trend certainly continues with 2019’s Angie helmet. Utilizing the eye-catching prints that will be featured across their various hardgoods and outerwear pieces for the upcoming season, this brain bucket is the perfect piece for the rider in search of a new, flashy, head-to-toe kit, or just someone looking to add a little hint of flair to their current wardrobe. Either way, with a protective double micro shell and extremely lightweight construction, the Angie will protect your dome with Roxy’s signature function and style.

Giro Terra and Jackson

Giro introduces two brand new helmets for their 2019 lineup: the women’s Terra and the men’s Jackson. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Combining clean lines, a subtle brim and a long list of high-tech features, Giro‘s new Jackson and Terra helmets are sure to be a popular offering for both men and women, respectively. Featuring a new Passive Aggressive Venting System, these lids incorporate a very discrete ventilation design inside and out to provide optimal airflow regardless of whether you are riding down the mountain, hiking in the backcountry or simply sitting on the chairlift. Add on a lightweight construction, MIPS® technology and Giro’s In-Form 2 Fit system, and it’s no wonder why riders like Nils Mindnich are already backing it.

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