While wandering the seemingly endless miles of tradeshow aisles at the Colorado Convention Center, we found a grip of boots that should last well beyond the beyond the expiration date of these frayed-lace, flat-soled skate shoes we made the mistake of wearing again. From the massive flexibility offered in Vans’ new linerless option to Salomon’s plush heated model, below are a handful that caught our eye for the coming season.

Vans Hi-Standard Linerless DX

The Linerless Hi-Standard boot that Mike Rav has been buttering around in. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The linerless boot has gone the way of the landline. Pun intended. But if you’re old enough to remember a time when people communicated via home phone, you might have had a pair. Well, Vans is bringin’ ’em back. Now the softest option in the Vans lineup, this is for those looking for the most minimal in snowboard footwear for maximum tweakability.

DC Tucknee

Backed by Iikka Backstrom, the Tucknee is said to be perfect for just that. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

Looking at the boot and hearing its name, the concept for the DC Tucknee becomes clear. It’s designed to tweak. Medial—that means toward the middle—flex is enhanced through an asymmetrical lacing pattern, while lateral support is maintained through support in the outside of the boot. Before you know it you could be tweakin’ like Iikka.

adidas Acerra ADV

The Acerra is adidas high-end dual-Boa option tuned for maximum support. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Ever watch Jake Blauvelt enter orbit off a pat-down? The dude needs a boot that holds up to that sort of behavior, and this Acerra is it. With adidas‘ cushy yet lively Energy Boost sole adapted from their running shoe line, the Acerra ratchets you into a dual-density liner with two Boa dials, so you’re locked, loaded, and ready to launch.

Salomon Kiana Toast

A heater liner at the push of a button—the Kiana Toast. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The thing about feet and snow is that that one is cold and one gets cold. This boot from Salomon, however, can mitigate one of those things. Press a button and the Kiana will get toasty, as its name suggests. The battery will last through multiple frigid days on-hill on a single charge and, of course, when it’s balmy and there’s no need for subsidized heat you can forget about that feature altogether.

Rome Guide SRT

Rome’s Guide boot gets a design overhaul and an SRT suffix added. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The Guide has been a rugged force in the Rome line, but this coming season it gets even better, and its performance upgrades translate to improved aesthetic as well. A leather upper is completed with an ultra-durable toe box and an exposed molded backstay. This bad boy is ready for rugged times and ripping.

Nitro Capital

The Nitro Capital, pictured left, is a high-end bombproof boot that should hold up, and provide plenty of traction, wherever you can take it. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

With an optional heated liner, Nitro‘s new high-end Capital model can also provide manufactured to heat to your dogs. Durability and customization are the name(s) of the game for the Capital, and with an outer and sole as burly as they come, the Capital should carry you to completion of the most serious missions with support to boot.

Ride Fuse

Lick the Cat gets their own edition of Ride’s popular Fuse boot. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

The Fuse has been a popular model from Ride since it was introduced two seasons ago, and more riders without a boot sponsor are gravitating toward this mid-flexing model with a hybrid of Boa and traditional lacing. For the coming season the Lick The Cat crew gets their own colorway. We’re curious to see whose feet we see the land on next.

K2 Taro Tamai Snow Surfer

Taro Tamai’s Snow Surfer boot from K2 gets even better next season. PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Designed with the innovative Taro Tamai, founder of Gentemstick, K2‘s Snow Surfer is the first of its kind. A boot designed specifically for the ocean-influenced style of riding that Taro is considered the godfather of. For the coming season, Taro’s boot gets a slight redesign to complete a package that’s becoming ever surfier.

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