Tested: FourSquare Vern Jacket

FourSquare Vern Jacket ($320–330)

Key Feature: Battery-operated, removable, heated liner.

Pros: Caroline's first impression: "The jacket has a flattering and cute style." She adds, "The heated panels are really very warm, just expect to spend a couple minutes figuring out how the battery pack and the control pad work, after that it's a snap."

Cons: "It felt bulky and there wasn't as much movement, especially in the arms," says Caroline. Another complaint—her torso stayed really warm, but her arms got chilly. One last gripe: "The battery is supposed to be fully charged every time the jacket is worn, which could get a bit tedious and annoying."

Verdict: Caroline thinks a down jacket does a better job of keeping you warm everywhere, but she says, "I like the way down jackets look, but there are probably people out there that don't!" If so, she would recommend this jacket. She recommends going one size bigger or trying on the jacket to make sure you get a good fit.

Caroline Onzik