Board Of The Month: Forum Honeypot


Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Board Of The Month: Forum Honeypot ($369)

Dip In

The Honeypot is Forum’s beehive, in board form. The team’s pros, Youngbloods, and board designers-the bees-pour all their ideas into this one experimental deck. With this process, the swarm set out to create something part camber, part rocker, and completely new. In doing so, they created the new Combo Platter shape: a board that’s not quite regular or reverse camber. It has the profile and characteristics of regular camber when it comes to pop, edge grip, and stability, but its slightly uplifted edge zones underfoot give it a forgiving, playful feel. The board is less catchy, yet doesn’t compromise control when it’s laid on edge and the uplifted areas don’t hang up on jibs.

The Honeypot also debuts the uplifted Buttercup tip and tail–a subtle, forgiving hull shape at the tips that butters better and planes in pow. And rather than an experimental deck that costs a grand, this sweet trickle-down performance comes priced for the average snowboarder.


Available lengths: 151, 154, 157

Ideal terrain: Park

Camber: Regular-ish

Shape: Twin, with lifted edges around the inserts and contact points