Unless you live in SoCal (like us), you might be seeing autumn roll into town. The temperatures start to dip, leaves change colors, and the ground gets a little colder as winter gets ready to settle in. It's magic, dammit. If you're getting cold, put on a jacket.



Burton Teton Woven Top ($65)

Keeping those Vermont roots alive with a timeless looking flannel. Even though it's 100 percent cotton and heavyweight twill, it will not make you shoot straight. What do you shoot in the woods? Pictures?


Patagonia Men's Long Sleeve Felted Shirt ($120)

This recycled wool and polyester blend is perfect for evening walks, morning front porch coffee, and carving pumpkins. "It's made with bits of real sheep, so you know it's good." Damn, that movie is awesome.


Gnarly OG Hoodie ($50)

This sweatshirt is made of cotton and has a hood with drawstrings. What else do you want to know? It's black, and it has a front pouch pocket that's good for holding stuff, whatever you want to hold on to.



ThirtyTwo Unleaded ($100)

Joe Sexton's signature jacket invokes memories of long Sunday car rides, fuzzy FM radios, diner malts, drive in movies, wallride re-directs, and switch back lips. Pretty sure they didn't have wallride re-directs in the 1950s, come to think of it…


Quiksilver Mountain Division Nomad Hooded ($150)

This lightweight puffer is a great coat for throwing horseshoes at night. It's soft and will not obstruct your throwing motion. This Mountain Division line is only available in select shops, so quit using the Internet to buy shit!