Calling all party people and basically anyone who’s down with flashing lights and raver-vibes, we've got a snowboard for you.  3 Enomoto, a Japanese manufacturing company that seeks to fuse play with technology, recently caught the attention of millions with their LED snowboard. The boards, which currently are in the third phase of prototypes, and are being tested at the Hakuba Valley in Japan, have a 24 bit full color spectrum, feature numerous lighting sequences and are motion controlled.


There's also trick detection, so when you bust out a move, the lighting changes to alert your crew that you just did something rad. The boards also include a Bluetooth connector, so the lighting pattern can be synched with your music to further your on-hill dance party.


While these boards are currently only in the prototype phase, it seems people are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on one. In the video's comments, people suggested that the company look into starting a crowdfunding campaign, such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter, to help get them on the market faster.

Some commenters were so stoked on the idea, they spewed their excitement, saying, "Dude, put this shit on the market already. I need this in my life." Another said, "Where to sell??? I BUY NOW TAKE MY MONEY!"

While there currently aren't any LED Snowboards on the market that feature as many technical components as these decks, other companies have dabbled with the idea. Currently, you can purchase conversion kits that you add to your snowboard to make them light up, and there’s other brands with glow boards that feature fewer lights.

While these decks may not be for everyone, there's clearly a market for them out there and we'll keep you posted on when they will be available.



24 bit full color and 30 fps sequence

Lighting sequence is changed by motion

3-axis accelerometer

3-axis gyroscope


Battery info:

Dependent on ambient temperature condition.
– 10 deg C condition, it will keep shining about 30 minutes.
– 0 degC condition, it will keep shining about 40 minutes.

We reached out the 3 Enomoto for the scoop on when these boards may go to production and asked them a slew of other questions. We haven't heard back quite yet, but we’ll update this story when we do.

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