Eight Summer Camp Essentials

Snowboarding in the summer is a treat. If you're able to make it happen this year—whether it's signing up for camp or lurking in the woods all summer and riding the public parks—do it. There's something special about riding all day and returning to summer afterwards, going from snow pants and boots to shorts and your bare feet. Wherever you are and however you're doing it, there are a few things that make summer boarding a little more pleasant. Here's a selection of essentials.



Sunology SPF 50 ($15)

Good sunscreen is crucial all summer long, especially if you're on snow. This one is all natural, toxin free, and blocks 97 percent of UV rays.


Buff Headwear High UV Pro Buff ($23)

This lightweight face mask blocks 93 percent of UV rays and is moisture wicking, so it'll keep you cool even while you're hiking up the pipe and panting like a dog.


DaKine Viper ($35)

Your winter mitts will be a little overkill. Grab a good pair of pipe gloves, unless you like sweaty palms.


Mizu M8 ($20)

Get yourself a water bottle and stay hydrated, you'll feel better and be able to shred longer. Stainless steel water bottles like this one are toxin free.


Electric EG1 ($100)

Mirrored lenses are essential. Get yourself a good chrome lens, polarized options are a plus. This one has both.


Herschel Village ($90)

A simple 22-liter pack to carry it all around. It's got a big main compartment to hold your computer as well as back padding, a waist strap, and a sunglass compartment.


Burton Camp Hoody ($60)

Your regular hoody can be a little too much for the summer shred. This one is super lightweight, made of breathable and moisture wicking material that'll keep you from feeling like you're in a sweat lodge.


Smith Collective ($120)

A dark grey polarized lens on this clean frame will keep you from squinting all day long.


For more information on summer camps across the globe, check out these websites: