Editors Picks: Pow Day Baby

We live for pow days, that’s what it’s all about. Out in a storm, hitting all your stashes and finding new ones. That’s the best. Gives us mid-stations just thinking about it. Pow days are also probably the only days of the season when your gear can really make or break your day. Ever had to hike out of the flats? Goggles fogged up? Soaking wet gloves? Snow down your ass? Everyone has. Here are a few picks that’ll get you past these problems.



Salomon Powdersnake

Salomon Powdersnake ($400)


We’ve all been passed on a powder day, whether or not you’ll admit it is another deal. An easy way to avoid this is to ride a board that will keep you better afloat and that’s where tapered shapes, like the Powdersnake, come in real handy. —JP 



Burton AK 3L Freebird Bib pant

Burton AK 3L Freebird Bib Pants ($480)


Brands don't offer bibs that often, let alone a bad ass Gore-Tex version. The price is steep, but for snowmobiling or shredding pow there's nothing better for keeping the snow out of your crack. And the fit on these is dialed so you don't feel like a farmer, just a pow farmer. —BG



Smith I/OX

Smith I/OX ($185)


Slamming so hard that your goggles go flying completely sucks. And the icing on the cake is when your goggles get packed with snow. With these new goggles it's easy to pop out the lenses and clear out the frame, or toss in a backup stormy day lens. —BG



Dakine Cobra Glove

DaKine Cobra Gloves ($80)


These gloves are waterproof thanks to a Gore-Tex insert, so you can drag knuckles all day and not worry about turning into an amphibian. Unless you want to. In that case, you’re on your own.  —JP