Nike Lunarendor ($430)

Take a walk on the moon. Seriously. Nike's engineers dissected moonwalk footage, physics and some secret goo to create the spongy, springy, reactive cushioning and comfort for their Lunarendor boot. They also borrowed the waffle-like sole design from their Free sole that allows your feet to move more freely and naturally, offering a buttery smooth flex underfoot. The inner lining also has a slight fleece waffle pattern that grips your foot and calf, preventing heel lift and your foot from slopping around. These dogs also come with a few sets of interchangeable inserts that slip in either side of the upper boot to fine tune the flex, stiffness and feel for differing riding conditions and differing riding styles. Right out of the box, a few steps, a few stomps and these boots absolutely rule. No painful break-in period, just straight to premium fit, feel and performance.