Snowboarding Gear Editors Picks: Apres Essentials


Holden Apres Slipper ($60)

You really can't hate on slippers. They're comfy as hell, especially after a long day of shredding. But they do have one flaw—most of them are super goofy. Not these though, they look like a classic skate shoe and have all the warmth and comfort of your favorite bunny slippers. —BG



Poler Napsack ($130)

I've been homeless since the middle of August. It's cool though, I just sleep at the office. There's Internet, cable TV, and my own private skatepark. Sixteen year old me would consider it a dream house. For a bed I use a Poler Napsack. It's sick. I sleep like a baby every night. —Hondo



One Ball Jay Hot Wax Kit ($75) 

Snowboarding fast is great. Especially when you can fly past skiers, especially the ones clicking their poles at you. If you wax with this full kit the night before, you don't have to worry about them. —JP


Coal The Emerson Beanie ($35)

Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket ($379)

Ideally when you're heading to the bar you roll past the line, say what's up to your buddy working the door and grab a drink. But that scenario isn't always the case. Stay warm if you have to wait with a fresh beanie (the one you wore all day should be drying out) and a down jacket. —GG