Bryan Iguchi X2
MSRP: $220

The X2 uses Dragon's most advanced technology. Molded for comfort and performance with expanded peripheral vision, its Lumalens color-optimized optics are made from high-quality polycarbonate that offer remarkable, distortion-free clarity and 100% UV protection. Their intuitive, secure quick lens-locking mechanism has small clasps at each side that can be opened with ease. Swapping lenses is fast and smooth and can even be done while wearing them. This sleek design works well on a variety of faces, and the tech holds up in heinous conditions.


Frame: Polyurethane —- Flexible frame material that is durable in all temperatures

Lens: Optically Correct Lens System —- This offers superior clarity and performance by eliminating distortion through tapered geometries

Scratch Resistant Coating -– Treated lenses to protect from scratching

Super Anti-Fog Coating

Comes with two interchangeable lenses

Ventilation: Unidirectional Airflow System -– Provides superior airflow to prevent fogging

Armored Venting

Strap: Helmet Compatible, Adjustable 1.5” Strap, Silicone Strap Backing

Face Foam: Tri – Foam Technology – Superior comfort and breathability through multiple layer densities

Polartech Microfleece – Provides soft hypoallergenic moisture wicking contact with your face

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