Backed by Travis Rice, the DMOS Kicker Tool is a portable shovel/rank combo created to fill the void of packable tools used to build jumps and features. The tool debuted on Kickstarter and recently reached its $20,000 goal thanks to the donations of 181 backers. To find out more about this tool how it differs from other shovels on the market, we reached out to Susan Pieper, the brains behind DMOS Collective, for the inside scoop.

What sets the DMOS Kicker Tool apart from other shovels?

DMOS is the only packable terrain building tool on the market. We have built a shovel that is perfect for the action sports world and we understand how people use shovels in extreme conditions.  Athletes can use this shovel to not only build jumps, but sculpt them as well. Shovels, one of the oldest tools known to man, needed to be totally reimagined for the way snowboarders, skiers and mountain bikers use them: Portable, packable, hyper strong, and built to create and groom features for jumps.


Tell us about the DMOS shovel, where is it best utilized, specs, ect?

The Kicker Tool is a 3.3 pound, 18 x 9 x 2.5" packed size, beast of a shovel.  At 2.5 mm thick with an extended 56.5" telescoping indexed, locking shaft, it is the most over-built, snow-moving and sculpting tool that you can easily throw into your backpack.  The Kicker Tool has teeth that cut through snow like a boss and/or break up crud.  The blade efficiently moves snow and the back of the blade can be used to pack snow and groom the perfect corduroy on your jump.

Where will these shovels be manufactured, and what will the potential price be?

Our shovels are manufactured abroad and the potential MSRP will be $99 at retail.  Right now, we've sold out of our $75 early bird special Kicker Tools on Kickstarter and are offering the Kicker Tool at $99 throughout our campaign.


How did the idea for DMOS come to be?

The idea for DMOS came about because I had been an entrepreneur previously and three catalysts happened around the same time.

1. My business partner and I had been developing this big mountain snow paddle idea that wasn't working. A few people liked it but mostly it was just too far "out there" but I had already been to factories and had a pretty strong grasp on product design/development.

2. My son was taking all of the shovels from our garage and building snow jumps in the winter and dirt jumps in the summer and I thought that someone should build purpose-built, portable tools for building jumps.

3. I had been living in Jackson Hole for a while and TGR was down the street and Travis Rice is also a local and I was just so surrounded by the world of action sports. Since I had previously had some success as an entrepreneur, I was able to see how my experience in hard goods combined with a market need (kids and athletes need their own unique tools) and a sense that the market is large and enabled me to commit fully to starting DMOS and moving quickly to bring the Kicker Tool to market.


Who is currently affiliated with DMOS?

We have partnered with Travis Rice on the Kicker Tool launch and also have an athlete team of Tim Durtschi, Blaine Gallivan, Andrew Burns, Zeppelin Zeerip, and Marcus Smith.  These guys all have loads of pro friends and they have all asked their friends/usual film crews to try out our product as soon as we can get product samples in their hands.

Check out the DMOS Kickstarter campaign here. 

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