Crash Pads

If you haven’t thought it yourself you probably know someone who has: “I’m not trying snowboarding until I get some padded underwear.” Well, now is the time and a little company called Crash Pads is making the underwear. They started with some closed-cell foam sewn into Lycra shorts for in-line skaters and have branched out to offer several padded models for everyone from downhill crazed mountain-bikers to gate-bashing skiers. The style shown is the Polypropylene Long Underwear with full padding of the hip, tailbone, buttocks, hip pointer, side hip and knees. Crash Pads also offers custom moldable fiberglass shin and arm guards. Just dip the pad in water, wrap it where you want it and let it dry. Soon they will also offer a custom moldable tailbone protector which slides into a rear pocket in several styles of their pants and shorts.

While I didn’t ride in them, I did try a pair on. The Lycra fit, well, like Lycra and the pads didn’t bind or get in the way; in fact, the pads are scored so they bend much easier than a solid chunk of polyethylene would. Overall these Crash Pads seemed like a good idea for any budding snowboarder or anyone wanting a little extra protection. Best of all, no one even knows you’re wearing them.