This story originally appeared in the December Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding.
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PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen

Got your next ticket to ride? Does that even matter? It’s not always necessary to have lift access lined up before hitting the road. That’s something that can often be accomplished the day before riding, or the morning of. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting there and back with bodies and gear intact. To minimize lag time and maximize ride time, keep these items handy while driving and stop worrying about what’s strapped to the roof.

On the Road
Not much energizes the snowboarder within like an open road and daydreams of dropping new lines. To make the most of your next ticket to ride, pack these road trip essentials and know you're dialed for the days ahead before setting off toward the horizon. Load up the whip, climb inside, and head for the hills.


On the Ride
It's often said that the journey is the destination. But damn, it feels good to reach your destination after a long journey. And when you get there, you want your gear to be intact and ready to rip.

The Day’s End
After exploring the mountains, find a cool place to kick back and relax. Relaxing in winter requires warm clothing, confidence that gear is secure, and of course, good company. With these things on-hand, the feeling of kicking your feet up comes second only to the fun had on-hill.

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