Layers are more than recommended. In fact, when thinking of winter layering and preparedness, we’re tempted to quote the old-timer saying, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” A truer winter weather statement may not exist. So, while temperatures are dropping across the country, and lifts are beginning to spin in many high-altitude locales, we felt it only right to dedicate this week’s Collected to the most basic necessities of those truly prepared for colder weather and a return to the slopes–layers. With everything from Airblaster’s Ninja Suits, to mid-layers from Holden and Volcom, to those designed by The North Face to keep your bottom half toasty while doubling as a classy pair of sweats, this week’s product round up will soon be home to many of your seasonal favorites. Continue below for the inside scoop on eight layers that we promise will improve your season to come, and as always, make sure to check back next week for another collection of goods that are sure to impress.

Airblaster Merino Wool Ninja Suit

With Merino wool full body coverage from your ankles to the very top of your head, should you choose to wear the hood, the Ninja Suit makes frosty necks and lower backs a complete non-issue. Plus, with its innovative 350-degree zipper at the waist, number two bathroom stops will now be as efficient as possible. The Ninja Suit proves useful from powder days to chilly, summer backpacking trips, and this Airblaster staple is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast, snowboarder or otherwise. Save yourself from making excuses, and drop in on your own now.

Dakine Snorkel Base Layer Fleece Shirt

The Snorkel from Dakine is designed for optimal warmth on days that might actually warrant a snorkel. This quarter-zip fleece base layer ends up surprising most with its better-than-advertised versatility. While the midweight stretch fleece material fits comfortably beneath a jacket due to its slimmer cut, the Snorkel is still loose enough to be worn by itself when trekking up spring skin tracks, without looking like some sort of jogger’s spandex. And thanks to its effective Polygiene Permanent Odor Control Technology, it’s capable of being worn day in and day out without stinking up the bottoms of your pack once you do finally take it off.

Burton Midweight Merino Button Up

Relish in the true beauty of a versatile mid-layer. The mid-weight merino button up from Burton will treat you well both on hill and off. Whether you choose to wear it under your coat when the temperature dips, as a cozy layer post-shred–or perhaps as both–we promise that you will stay both cozy and stylish with this choice layer draped over your shoulders. Fear not of overuse, its highly breathable and odor-repellent design will keep your confidence high when post-shred activities turn into the night’s adventure.

686 GLCR Knit Tech Fleece

Fear not, 686 has your back once more with this progressive take on a classic mountain necessity. Stylish enough for everyday wear, but equally tech-packed for days spent hiking around in the backcountry, the GLCR Knit Tech Fleece from 686 checks all of our required mid-layer boxes and more.

Volcom Pat Moore Fleece

The Pat Moore Fleece is time-tested when it comes to the layering department. From its strategically placed insulation and water-resistant nylon outer, to the thumb holes and zippered hand pockets, it has just enough tech to make it worthy of wearing on the mountain, but not so much as to make it look like nerdy.


Holden Hybrid Crew

Over the last handful of years, Holden has continued to make large gains when it comes to designing clothing that sits at the intersection of style and comfort. The Hybrid Crew is no different. With an insulated body meant to keep your core warm, matched with a highly flexible and breathable arm, you can be sure that the Hybrid Crew will keep you comfortable and styling both on the hill and off, regardless of what your adventure entails.

The North Face Base Layer Pant

A base layer pant that will double as your new favorite pair of sweats. The North Face’s latest layering options come in a subdued, yet stylish design, and are loaded with enough tech to keep you smiling from ear to ear over the low price point. Quick-drying? Yup. Moisture-wicking? You bet. Pockets you can use once they transition into loungewear? You already know. Treat yourself and make sure to stay toasty all season long with a new set of base layer pants from The North Face.

Patagonia Capilene Air Hoody

Patagonia’s all-new Capilene Air Hoody easily secures the title of most advanced baselayer the brand can boast to date. With the greatest range of warmth and comfort out of any of their existing offerings, insulating properties when wet, quick-drying capabilities, and odor-resistant properties, you can be sure that the Capilene will stand up to whatever test you throw its way. But don’t just take our word for it, treat yourself now and relish in the wonders it will supply you with all winter long.

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