The lifts are spinning on the Palmer Glacier and summer camp is officially in session. We know it can be tough to beat the heat and get your summer snow fix, so earlier this season we brought you our all-inclusive guide to riding Mt. Hood. Now, we bring you the gear needed to make it happen. From three-season jackets to snowboards, tuning kits and more, we've got you covered. Make sure to check back next Tuesday for more of our favorite products in the next Collected release.


686 Men’s GLCR GORE-TEX® PACLITE® Multi Shell Jacket



You've heard of the quiver killer snowboard, but have you heard of the quiver-killer jacket? 686's GLCR GORE-TEX® PACLITE® Multi Shell Jacket is your new one-stop-shop for all outdoor adventures. The 3-season two-layer GORE-TEX® coat was designed with high-performance materials and comes integrated with numerous features, including removable backpack straps for when you are hiking in the park, an internal audio pocket to keep your tunes accessible, and a quick-carry packable pouch for when you want to shed it all together. Combine all these features with the rigorous five-year design process 686 went through, and the Multi Jacket easily takes the cake for the most technically advanced and versatile 3-season jacket on the line. Stay dry and comfortable no matter if you are lapping Timberline with your friends, mountain biking around Trillium, or camping out by the airstrip this summer in the 686 Multi Shell.


Burton Process



Since its introduction to the Burton line, the Process has been consistently refined to be lighter, snappier, and more playful. This has been achieved through dialing in the FSC Certified Super Fly 2 core to give the board a lighter build that retains loads of snap, and by utilizing Squeezebox to ensure every ounce of energy put into the board gets transferred into performance. Combine all this with a softer flex and twin shape, and you've found yourself the perfect freestyle focused deck with all-mountain capabilities. Point the Palmer glacier with ease, and dial in every trick you've been dreaming of this summer – the Process will have your back. Oh, and the best part yet? If you still aren’t sold on buying the Process right this moment, make sure to cruise over to the Burton Demo Center in Government Camp and snag yourself one of next year’s models to take for a swing before dropping in on the big buy.


Dragon NFX 2



It's no wonder that Danny Davis, Forest Bailey, and Blake Paul all stand behind Dragon's NFX2 goggle. Tried and true, the NFX2 has been tested in nearly every possible condition time and time again. Pair its quick change lens system, with the landscape peripheral vision, and an undeniably stylish design, and the Dragon NFX2 breezes through our premium goggle checklist with flying colors.


DROP Roach Mitt



TransWorld SNOWboarding Legend award recipient, Chris Roach, went above and beyond when he set out to design the perfect mitten. The DROP Roach Mitt not only features Gore-Tex® Guaranteed to Keep You Dry® technology so your hands remain warm and dry, mid-winter through summer, but they also come with touchscreen compatibility and genuine goatskin leather to keep you connected with the outside world and styling from the second you put them on. The best part yet? Proceeds from the Roach Mitt are donated to Roach's Revert Foundation, which works with underprivileged kids to offer opportunities to enjoy the mountains. Look good, feel good, and be good all in one.


Coal B.E.B. Light



When summer reaches its peak, the Palmer Glacier gets turned into a blinding light box, with harmful UV rays bouncing from every direction. If you're going to go the sunscreen-only route, be prepared to apply consistently and constantly. Or, avoid the consistent messy sunscreen route and tackle the majority of harmful rays with Coal's B.E.B. Light balaclava (be advised, applying some sunscreen is still recomended). However, this single-layer face protector features lightweight moisture-wicking stretch fabric, with fun designs and a soft underside, so you stay cool, comfortable, and protected, day in and day out.


Badger SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sport Sunscreen



Now, if you are going to forgoe the face mask and stick with the sunscreen-only approach for riding on Mt. Hood, it is important to make sure you are using the right sunscreen. What you may not know is that many name brand sunscreens actually contain harmful chemicals that you don’t want baking into your skin all day, every day. You can search for your classic go-to brands here, to see if they are up to snuff for constant glacial protection. That said, we recommend Badger’s SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sport Sunscreen. Badger’s sunscreen is made from 98% organic ingredients, is lightweight and moisturizing, and water resistent for up to 80 minutes. Long story short, you can feel good about the ingredients you are putting on your face, and the protection they are supplying you with. That’s what we call a win-win.


Dakine Super Tune Kit



Summer snow is slow. Painfully slow. The kind of slow snow that makes sliding rails faster than turning–that slow. Bottom line, if you are going to be making the pilgrimage to Mt. Hood this summer, snowboard wax is going to be important. Grab yourself the Dakine Super Tune Kit and never get left behind again. Complete with an iron, wax, brush, scraper, file and more–this kit is your one-stop shop for all things necessary to keep your speed up. Go fast and stay fast from hot summer days on the glacier to bulletproof winter mornings next season.



High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session


Last, but certainly not least, if you are going to be enjoying summer fun up on the Palmer Glacier, you might as well unlock access to High Cascade's world-class snowboard parks while you're at it. With camp sessions available for people of all ages and skill abilities, it is never too late to dial in those hard to get tricks that have been holding you back.

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